Greentech Fin Partnership Opportunities
Explore our flexible partnership programs to connect with new opportunities and leverage resources for accelerated business growth.
Solution Partner
Leverage your technical and sales capabilities to consult, sell, customize and implement Greentechfin products for businesses globally.
ISV Partner
Integrate your offerings with any of the Greentech Fin products to create combined solutions that deliver ‘wow’ moments for customers.

Global System Integrator

Businesses are changing the way they operate to integrate technology at all levels of the business and moving to a fully connected and online business strategy. It’s about improving the speed and quality of how businesses interact with customers at all stages of their journey.

Greentech Fin, together with our Global System Integrator, aims to help businesses be prepared for the future and enable them to accelerate their digital transformation with our solutions.

Build and grow with the Greentech Fin Marketplace

Build, market, and sell apps through our marketplace by joining the Greentechfin Developer Community. You’ll be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, building tools to help thousands of businesses worldwide.

Anyone who builds technology, whether an individual developer, startup, or ISV, can join our Greentechfin marketplace to develop on or integrate with the Greentechfin products and to distribute their technology to customers.

Strategic partnerships that power your businesses

Greentech Fin services and solutions are bolstered by strategic alliances, with leading technology partners, that enhance business value and accelerate influence across global markets. Through these close partnerships, Greentechfin drives focus on highly innovative solutions and customized co-selling initiatives.