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As an e-Wallet Apps Development Company in the USA, we provide contactless payments as a new way to look at finances. Similarly, our e-Wallet is a new way to pay friends, family, and business associates using an e-Wallet account. With our e-Wallet, each user can add money by linking a bank account. Also, managing money on their phone or computer with our e-Wallet dashboard has never been easier!

Greentech Fin e-Wallet Software offers an open platform technology for contactless payments and mobile wallets with unique security features through tokenization. Furthermore, we are named as the Best e-Wallet Software Development Company in New York and the United States and the Top e-Wallet System Solution in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, California, Houston and Chicago for mobile wallets and digital wallets online payments, respectively.

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Send and receive funds
Surely, our e-Wallet is a limitless tool that enables its users to send money at any time without any fuss.
Make Purchases
Our e-Wallet is a limitless tool that enables its users not only to send money but to make purchases anywhere at any time without any hassle of waiting for long lines in physical stores.
Connect with People
Transferring funds to a friend or business associate’s account is quick and secure within a 24-hour period. Not only that it is simple and safe, but this is also where convenience meets connection.
USA Digital e-Wallet

Choose unique features with a customizable theme to showcase your services.

Send and receive money online securely

Deposit money locally and pay worldwide

Accept payments on your website instantly

Competitive low-transaction fee

Easy implementation on your website

Secure data transfer

Multi-Currency Payment Accounts

Mobile Apps Development Services Company in USA
Easy, secure, and reliable
We want a future-ready payment gateway, thus, we have a payment experience that’s built for the future.

Greentechfin guarantees a great user experience and offers mobile app maintenance services to its existing mobile apps.

Ewallet Software Development Company in USA
  • Easily create e-Wallet  accounts for your merchants, crowd funders or freelancers with instant transfers between accounts
  • Allow buyers, funders, and customers to pay directly into accounts
  • Easy withdrawals from e-Wallet accounts into bank accounts
  • Easy compliance with integrated KYC and KYB services
  • Integrated risk engine
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